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Meet Lola, the first ever Thrift-ola original, she's the perfect way to display your favourite frock.

Why hide your most coveted pieces away in the wardrobe? With flowers in her hair and a twinkle in her eye, let Lola flaunt your latest find! Beautiful clothes are worthy of display and Lola wears it well. Whether you hang her on bedroom walls, hallways or dressing rooms, her lovingly hand-printed doe eyes attract admiring glances from all. Drape your dresses, giant jewels or that one of a kind vintage find around Lola’s shoulders and watch her transform your clothing into an original piece of wall decor.

Featurettes: Statement 5mm thick dreamy ivory acrylic • Hand printed in high grade glossy jet black ink • Original illustration • Lola is lovingly handmade in London • Measures 37cm tall and 36cm wide • The perfect piece of wall decor for a girl who loves her clothes!

Lola is lovingly handmade in London just for you and only available to buy here. We have printed up a short run to start with, don’t miss out!

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