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What do the Brownies, Trolls and Lady Di have in common? They all popped through my letterbox last week inside a surprise package from super ace photographer, collector & pen pal extraordinaire Letter Loves aka Emma Graney.

An explosion of wonderful mail.

A mere snippet of the explosion of mail I received inc Rolling Stones keyring, badges, post-its & cat postcard.

Last week I received a surprise box of wonder through the post full of so many things it felt like Christmas. The beautifully wrapped parcel of fun was from my Instagram buddy who runs the delightful blog Letter Loves and it was filled with all the little things I love from vintage cats to rock’n’roll ephemera to a troll ring. So random but so perfect were all the things I unwrapped that I ooh-ed & coo-ed on the couch for at least an hour. There was even the tiniest notebook in the world ever, can you spot it in the photo above?

Right royal packaging.

Right royal packaging.

My favourite parcel (pictured above) featured the Queen of our hearts & even more of the scallop trim candy confetti that I currently have stored in a jam jar to re-use for something else.

Brownies Make Things.

Brownies Make Things.

Upon carefully unwrapping Lady Di, I discovered this ace vintage book: Brownies Make Things. I wasn’t a Brownie (I know) but have spent my life making things and one of the makes in this book has already inspired the DIY kit I’m going to create for my Lucky Dip Club boxes in December.

DIY doorstopper.

DIY doorstopper or toy.

I’m going thrifting tomorrow to my regular midweek boot sale and I shall be hunting down a relevant slice of vintage fabric to make this buddy above. I’m thinking a spot of 60s curtain fabric would work a treat! I’ll let you know how I get on.

You can follow Emma’s adventures in photography, writing letters and collecting things HERE and HERE.

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