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New in! Finds from the flea in Amsterdam

Posted on: March 15, 2014

Last weekend I made my first flea market trip of the year to Amsterdam and what a super sunny weekend of treasure hunting it was... Continue reading »

Colourful vintage fun from the flea in Amsterdam!

Colourful vintage fun from the flea in Amsterdam!

One of my regular buying haunts is one of the biggest flea markets in Europe, held in a gigantic old shipping warehouse just a short ferry ride from Centraal station in Amsterdam. Once a month I hop aboard a sleeper coach on a Friday night with an empty suitcase and wake up on the Saturday morning ready to tackle over 700 stalls of thrift. Continue reading »

Extreme Thrifting in Amsterdam

Posted on: November 12, 2013

I'm quickly checking in so y'all know I made it back in one piece from Amsterdam and my whirlwind thrifting trip was a ... SUCCESS! Continue reading »

Sneak peeks as shared over on my Instagram// Search: Leona Thrift-ola

Sneak peeks as shared over on my Instagram// Search: Leona Thrift-ola

As my coach crept back into London town at 7am on Sunday morning I felt like I was doing a massive morning after ‘walk of shame’ in the same clothes as the night before and without sleeping for around 36 hours. I was a little edgy to say the least. I caught the bus back from Victoria coach station and I was showered and in bed and woken up with French toast and coffee and back to my normal self by midday! I only had a vague memory of all the things I had found and opening my case I felt a little nervous but wow what a bounty to behold! Continue reading »

A Whirlwind Flea Market Jaunt

Posted on: November 8, 2013

Tonight I travel to Amsterdam on a whirlwind thrifting trip to the largest flea market in Europe! Continue reading »

The Thrift Challenge: London to Amsterdam

The Thrift Challenge: London to Amsterdam

I would say my bags are packed and I’m ready to go but the reality of my thrifting trip this weekend is the only case I’m taking is completely empty save for a roll of bubble wrap! Yup, at 9.30pm tonight I’m gonna hop aboard a sleeper coach and tomorrow I’ll wake up in Amsterdam (magic!) to go to IJ-Hallen – the biggest flea market in Europe. I then hop (or more likely wearily drag my ass) back on another sleeper and will be back in London town by 7.30am on Sunday. Crazy? Probably. But hey, Thrift-ola is all about thrifting adventures so, hey, I’ll see you on the other side… WISH ME LUCK!!!

24 hours thrifting in… Copenhagen

Posted on: November 4, 2013

This is the first in a series of city thrifting guides, perfect for the budget conscious vintage seeker who only has a day to dedicate to the thrill of the thrift. If you like what I sell in my online shoppe then you'll love the places I recommend in my guides... Continue reading »

A day to thrift in the hip city of CPN.

A day to thrift in the hip city of CPN.

Before you travel – I always pop into the Post Office for my foreign currency as they don’t charge commission, but after cycling around most of the counters in Hackney looking for Danish Krone on the day we were travelling I found it was a currency you had to order in. So, be prepared and of course if heading to flea markets be sure to ask for small notes too so after haggling you don’t have to hand over a big note. Never cool.

10am – Fuel up for the day with a strong coffee from Sort Kaffe og Vinyl; a super bijou coffee and record shop located on Skydebanegade enroute to Vesterbro. The beans are sourced from local roasters Risteriet and you can get your thrifting off to a good start by crate diggin’ out the back where the vintage vinyl resides. Continue reading »

Thrifting Adventures in Paris

Posted on: July 15, 2012

the blue skies of Paris

I’m just back from a week of trawling the flea markets, junk shops and thrift stores of one of my favourite cities – Paris! Thrift-ola Towers is bustling with all my finds and I look forward to sharing them all with you in a one-off pop-up Paris Shoppe which will launch online towards the end of August. I’ll also share all of my fave places to thrift in Paris on the blog in September, if anyone is visiting before then feel free to ask me any questions on this post, I’m always happy to help a fellow thrifter. In the meantime I’ve started the mammoth task of photographing everything for our General Sale which will launch on eBay a week today. I’ll be sharing sneak peeks on Twitter and Instagram during the week ahead so start saving your pennies!

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