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Small Business Talk: Campus London & Google +

Posted on: April 9, 2014

Last month I discovered Campus London an entire building powered by Google dedicated to start-up success. They offer a wide range of talks, events and co-working space and I found the Office Hours one-to-one mentoring sessions were just what I was looking for... Continue reading »

Office Hours at Google Campus.

Always the early birdie which means grabbing a free blueberry muffin. Thanks Google!

Every Friday morning based at a large communal table with coffee and croissants in the lively campus cafe, start-up businesses can meet with a Googler for half an hour of one-to-one mentoring. The sessions are called Office Hours, anyone can attend and they are completely free. Each week there is a specific theme but the mentors are always happy to let the conversation go where it needs to go as I happily discovered. So far I have attended the Google Adwords and Social Media sessions. Continue reading »

Small business talk: How to do your own PR

Posted on: March 28, 2014

As a small business owner I am constantly looking to improve my skills when it comes to running, growing and ensuring the success of my online shop and blog. I attend many workshops, advice sessions, group talks, webinars and networking events and I've decided to start a little bi-monthly blog series to share some of the ace tips I pick up along the way. I hope my fellow indie business owners and those thinking of starting their own mini empire may find it useful... Continue reading »

GIRL FRIDAY! Small business talk: How to do your own PR.

Small business talk: How to do your own PR.

A few weeks ago I signed up to a webinar hosted by the City Business Library, which was recommended by my business mentor, called ‘How to do your own PR’. The CBL is an amazing business resource and completely free to use, they also host a wide range of events aimed at helping people on their way to business success. The workshops, talks and seminars are often only £5 to book a place and the free webinars are great for people who don’t live in London. Continue reading »