Make the Purr-fect Cat Basket

The problem with a craft all-dayer held at some of the best knitting shops around London is there are too many cats to play with and cakes to eat that no making actually gets done. That's my excuse anyway.

Tommy reclining in the world’s cosiest cat basket

Last week I joined the Last Wednesday Knitting Club‘s 1st birthday knit crawl, where we spent the day making stuff in the best knitting shops around London. We started off at Fabrications in Broadway Market where I was quite taken with resident kitty Tommy and his cat basket. Well, when I say cat basket it was a vintage suitcase full of neck scarves which I think were meant for crafty projects but Tommy was definitely claiming squatters rights. As I sat there making my owl (er, I don’t really knit) Tommy writhed about on his back with such delight I thought this was simply the cosiest cat basket I’d ever seen. That weekend, the top of my thrifter’s list read 1. vintage suitcase 2. lots of scarves, but as all seasoned thrifters will know the moment you’re looking for something specific you won’t find it. Anyho, they’re on the list and when I find ’em my two kitties will also have the pleasure of the cosiest cat basket in the world. Thanks Tommy!

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  1. Nice one Leona! What a brilliant photo, you’ve captured Tommy at his best – posing and waiting for his belly to be stroked! good luck with Thrift-Ola!

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