Thrift-ola in Company Magazine

Jazz Domino Holly the founder of the Shoreditch Sisters WI and Viva Cake salutes Thrift-ola in her Mistress of Stitch column this month.

May Issue of Comapny Magazine.

May 2011 issue of Company Magazine.

2 Responses to Thrift-ola in Company Magazine

  1. Katy says:

    Love Jazz’s column each month in Company – it’s an itelligent and quirky magazine so she sits well within the pages, I also love Gizzi Erskine who’s usually lurking around near Jazz in the mag.

    When I saw her shout out I thought how lovely it must be to be friends with such like minded people. My friends howl at me, my WI membership and unusual taste!

  2. Jemma Scott says:

    Jazz Domino Holly

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