The One That Got Away

In the oddly named 'Swap Shop' in Worthing I turned down the opportunity to snap up what was probably someone's life long collection of novelty kitchen timers.

Let the countdown commence...

Let the countdown commence...

The collection of kitchen timers included a bunny, kettle, toaster, pear, apple, pig, can of coke, can of sweetcorn, carrot, juicer, egg, red pepper, lemon, bar of chocolate and more. Why didn’t I buy them? I think I was peeved that I couldn’t swap something of mine for them – why call yourself Swap Shop if you only sell stuff? This has kind of got me thinking about adding a Swap Shop section to Thrift-ola. What do you think?

5 Responses to The One That Got Away

  1. Sian Kisses says:

    ooh, where is this shop… my mum and dad live near worthing. xx

  2. I’m about to write up my Thrift-ola trip to the Sussex coast and will include all info on places to Thrift!

  3. Waowsers! I’m so sad you didn’t get to do a swaperoo for the kitchen timers collection. They’re amazing. I’m super excited about the Thriftola ‘Swap Shop’ section. Yes, yes. Sounds grrrrreat.

  4. Oh yes – Swaparama a go-go!!!!

  5. Leah says:

    Gonna be the raincloud drizzling all over swapping, but I’ve always found it to be heartache…either I see something amazing but have nothing ‘worth’ the same to swap or the complete opposite happens. I like to swap things for my cold hard cash!

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