Girl Friday

I’ve just completed the first month of my new internship, it’s going really well and I feel settled in enough to spill the beans...

Vintage by Hemingway at Southbank Centre 2011

Vintage by Hemingway at Southbank Centre 2011

I’m working as part of the digital team at Hemingway Design! More specifically I’m helping run the multi author blog on the Vintage website. Mostly I’ve been sub editing and uploading posts written by other people but recently I’ve been given the opportunity to write my own articles. I’m covering vintage exhibitions such as Beautiful & Damned and Fifties, Fashion & Emerging Feminism and my first series is called Style Crush, so far I’ve looked at Teddy Girls and Mods. I’m now researching a new series all about vintage dance crazes which should start to go online from next week. The festival is now under two months away and I’m so, so excited. Follow everything that’s happening on our Twitter (which I should be tweeting from along with fellow digital team member Serena) and our Facebook page. Most of all though keep a regular eye on our blog, there’s some really great stuff on it and even better stuff to come! If there’s anything you think we should be covering let me know…

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  1. oh my god as if! I would dream for that job! I really want to go to the festival so might see you there! Question Leona.. is it paid? because i’m currently in the process of thinking about doing an unpaid internship for 3 or 4 months and I’m wondering if you think that’s crazy or definitely a necessity to get your foot in the door? 🙂

  2. Hey Leanne, It’s not paid no and there aren’t many companies out there I’d work for, for free but I find the Hemingways an inspirational family. I’m working on stuff that I’m passionate about, I’m learning so much and meeting lots of interesting people. I do 2 days a week and then run Thrift-ola for the rest of it. Days off? What are they? Ha! Leona x

  3. Betty says:

    This is amazing, lucky you! Maybe you can point me in the right direction of who to contact re having a stall at Goodwood this year? Looking forward to hearing more about the internship. x

  4. Hey Betty, Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair are curating the Vintage Marketplace at Vintage at The Southbank Centre this year. Go to their website for contact details but you’d better be quick as stalls might have already sold out… xx

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