Where I Work (and Daydream)

Here's a little peek into part of my studio where I photograph and store all my vintage finds and run the website, whilst drinking too many cups of coffee!

Half of my work space in the glorious evening sunshine.

Half of my work space in the glorious evening sunshine.

I’ve had a bit of a studio re-jig this week and took this photo in the gorgeous evening sunshine last night. My unit in Hackney Wick is flanked on two sides by huge windows and to be honest I sometimes spend too much time gazing out of ’em and up at the bright blue skies… The sunsets over the Wick recently have been particularly stunning.

6 Responses to Where I Work (and Daydream)

  1. Wow, it’s so tidy! What a lovely place to work.

  2. Leona says:

    …you should see my desk space behind where I’m taking the shot! Not-so-neat…

  3. Van says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!Is this your apartment, or do you rent a work space?

  4. It’s a live/work space… I rented a studio/shop for 7 years just off Brick Lane in East London. I loved it but it nearly finished me off. Love having the freedom of no bricks’n’mortar store – it’s online all the way now baby : )

  5. This really is amazing Leona! I have followed you throughout the years and still have a collection of Lady Luck pieces including the original lipstick lightening bolt, an ursula unicorn and a ‘Pheebs’ felt fawn name necklace to name a few. I also came to one of your jumble sales at Superette where you were also selling cupcakes. I really love how your project has blossomed into this amazing shoppe! Also thank you so much for my pin-up bride picture – I’m editor of The Wedding Favour blogazine, and freelance wedding and lifestyle journalist so I can’t wait when I move into my new flat to put it up in my office!

    Will you be selling any more wedding-related items in the future? If so I’d love to feature you on my blogazine if you would like?

    Well done on your amazing ventures.

    Phoebe X

  6. Aww Phoebe! Ursula the unicorn now that’s a blast from the past : )

    Unfortunately I just don’t know what I’m going to ‘find’ from one week to the next but I guess any of my goodies would make fantastic wedding gifts! If I ever unearth anything specifically wedding related I’ll be sure to give you a shout…


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