Thrifting with Pals – A Good idea?

On the whole second hand shopping for me is a solo pursuit, except for bank holidays...

Beautifully embroidered bunnies - a picture my pal found *JEALZ*

A close-up shot of a pair of beautifully embroidered bunnies - a picture my pal found *JEALZ*

I thrift as a job and I’m really very lucky. It does mean I mostly go alone as it’s not a social thing where I stop for cuppas and chats – except for bank holidays. I like to get a gang o’pals together and we head off out to a field not too far from town and hunt down treasure. This morning one of my thrifting buddies picked up this delight – an absolutely adorable hand embroidered pair of bunnies frolicking in the undergrowth. I helped him carry his swag off the train but didn’t quite manage to sneak off with it……. damnit. Must sharpen up my stealing a picture under my sweater routine.

2 Responses to Thrifting with Pals – A Good idea?

  1. Peter Law says:

    Aw your reaction I leant you ‘The Treasury of Kittens’ when you needed a pep up was something I’ll cherish forever.

  2. Kittens!!!!!!! A guaranteed chuckle-a-chime

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