Tis The Season For A Spot Of Upcycling

Now the Winter nights are drawing in, it's time to crack open the craft cupboard and make stuff with all the funny little cute bits'n'bobs you've been thrifting...

Upcycling a little kitchen chair.

I'm in the middle of upcycling a little kitchen chair...

When I’m out buying for Thrift-ola I also source bits and pieces for personal projects like collecting cute buttons to change the boring ones on my cardigans and I’m a fiend for buying sweet scraps of fabric “to make into things”. I’m a bad, bad crafter though and most of these items are scattered about my place making me feel guilty. So this afternoon I decided I’d just get on with it. I finally scrubbed clean a cute little kitchen chair that I rescued from being used as a foot stool by a painter/decorator. I then reupholstered the cushion using a scrap of the cutest cotton fabric I picked up at a jumble. Tomorrow I’m going to sand down the frame and varnish the wood. I’m not really doing things in the right order but at least I’ve started… and it was a fun few hours. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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  1. I love it because you did it out of love. The result so far is great.

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