Flash Furniture Sale on Twitter

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A beautiful sewing box magazine rack sold for £15.

A beautiful sewing box magazine rack sold for £15.

Thrift-ola is a considered collection of midcentury to modern, colourful ‘n fun objects and wares. I do however, from time to time, unearth a variety of other vintage treats that catch my eye yet don’t quite fit in with Thrift-ola’s ethos. This exciting bunch of goods will be bundled up into a series of flash sales hosted on Twitter. Last week I held a furniture sale which included this incredibly unique sewing box come magazine rack contraption I found at a flea market in France. Cute, huh?

I do of course also partake in witty banter, links to jumble sales, vintage fairs and the like and I’m always on the hunt for recommendations which I’ll RT coz sharing is caring!

Here I am – https://twitter.com/Thriftola Look forward to meeting you…

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