Morning Glory

With less than a week before I'd like to get the Thrift-ola online shoppe back up and running again all this rain is putting a real dampener on my thrifting trips. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, this morning I decided to rave my way into the day instead.

Raving our way into the day with Rob da Bank.

Raving our way into the day with Rob da Bank. Photo credit: Marc Sethi.

I’m no stranger to 5am starts as that’s when my day in the office (read: field/car park) usually begins so when my alarm went off this morning and it was pouring with rain which stops all thrifting play I decided to swap my thermals for my disco pants.

A few months ago a new girl moved into my pal’s studio and she was organising morning raves where you could get massages, smoothies and it was all about conscious clubbing. I’ll be honest, my trashbat bells starting ringing and I thought it sounded like a scene from the Rainbow Rhythms episode of Peep Show. Uh-oh. A few months on and the invite was still on the table so after a few wines on Saturday night I agreed to go if it was raining and I could’t go thrifting.

We arrived at the Village Undergound at 7am this morning and it was already in full swing; check out my Instagram video which I took the moment we got there. I felt stiff as a board and really awkward for about 10 minutes but with the first bars of Renegade Master we were in the middle of the dancefloor  with our hands in the air like we just didn’t care.

In amongst the unitards, hula hoops, glitter, foxes tails and hundreds of photographers and film crews, were a bunch of pretty normal folk in their late 20s/early 30s who were having the most fun they’d ever had on a Wednesday morning. And y’know what, I did too! It’ll be a cold dark shock when I’m back with my head torch on looking for loot next Wednesday morning. Above all, the experience reminded me that you really shouldn’t knock something before you’ve tried it!

Oh and massive props to Mr Rob Da Bank who played a phenomenal set of 90s rave with a dash of 80s cheese (but no Baby D – Rob? Surely a missed opp?). I’ve never been to Bestival, but if that’s how he rolls I’m booking my tickets tout sweet.

The next Morning Glory will wake up London town on 11th December, tickets are on sale here.

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