A pint of milk vs a bag of thrift

I only popped out for a pint of milk this morning but I came home with this bundle of fun - and no milk!

A quartet of Freds, an Oxo duo and a colourful lampshade.

I simply cannot walk past a charity shop, the urge to have the quickest of peeks is nothing short of a compulsion. I don’t source from chazzas as much as I used to but y’know the thrill of the thrift is born from the ethos that you can go in a charity shop 20 times and find nothing and then on the 21st you’ll find that perfect piece of vintage goodness. Today was one of those days; I found the very lampshade we’ve been looking for for our front room, a fine quartet of Homepride Fred collectibles and a very retro pair of Oxo mugs. Drinking my coffee black for the day will be totally worth it.

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