Colourful thrift on a dreary day

The rain has been relentless recently, so today I decided to bring a little sunshine to Thrift-ola and break out some of the stock I was saving for Spring...

All new vintage in the shoppe today!

All new vintage in the shoppe today!

It’s been the sunniest day in a long time in the Thrift-ola photo studio today as I snapped my tutti frutti vintage and most colourful thrifted finds. I also decided to price stuff at super nice January friendly prices which means nearly everything is £5 and the typewriter is only £30 – I normally price them around £45 as they’re difficult to find and so heavy to carry I usually can’t buy anything else on the same trip as I can’t carry anything else! But hey-ho, we’re 3 weeks into a 5 week month and most folk got paid before Christmas so it’s a double shot of sunny vibes on Thrift-ola today. Hooray!



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