Thrift-ola Recommends: Car booting in ol’ London town

It's often thought that car booting in the capital would be a waste of time but believe me there are more than a few thrifted gems to be had!

Crafty haul from Princess May School

Crafty haul from Princess May School.

When I first moved to London, I worked as an unpaid intern for stylists and magazines so I paid my way with lots of bar work and selling my thrifted treasures at Portobello Market. The main three boot fairs I sourced stock from were¬†Kilburn Park School, Chiswick School and Battersea boot sale. All three fairs are still absolutely fantastic and recently the organisers at Kilburn have opened up a boot sale in my neighbourhood at Princess May School. I pop along to Princess May every few weeks and like ALL boot sales it can be hit and miss but the other week I met Buzz who used to run the shop All the Fun of the Fair which she had closed down and was offloading the remaining stock. My crafty haul is pictured above! I also buy a lot from stylists, designers, artists, vintage vendors & independent shops having a clear out. That’s what I love about car booting in the capital. If you’re in this neck of the woods then you should also check out Capital Carboot and Wimbledon Greyhound track and don’t forget to haggle (with a smile)… happy thrifting!

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