The One That Got Away

On all buying trips there's at least one item I regret not buying & consequently spend too much time thinking about afterwards. It really would have changed my life, wouldn't it? From now on I'm going to snap these pieces so I don't recall them through a rose tinted memory. I did the best thing and left this one behind, or did I?

The biggest chipmunk cookie jar ever.

The biggest chipmunk cookie jar ever.

I was drawn to this ginormous 1970’s chipmunk cookie jar from the moment I stepped foot into Help the Aged in Eastleigh, Hampshire – my hometown nonetheless. His cap is the lid and he’s stamped with ‘Japan’ on the underside, natch. On closer inspection the poor fella had lots of little chips all over his ceramic body, but does this matter? I wouldn’t mind personally but felt it could disappoint a Thrift-ola patron. So I left him sat there *sob* did I do the right thing? I’m not so sure now…

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  1. katy says:

    Aww he’s beautiful. And sods law is that if you were to go back he’d be gone!

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