Have Rainhood, Will Thrift

Through sheets of sideways rain, pelting hail, howling wind and the occasional spell of super hot sunshine I thrifted my way to Father's day and back again.

A weekend's worth of second hand finds.

A sneak peek at some of the weekend's second hand finds.

Yesterday, I hopped on a train at Waterloo to head home for Father’s Day. I snuck off twice to trawl charity shops at both Basingstoke (torrential rain) & Winchester (hail stones). With no umbrella I made do with my granny rainhood; which I don’t think the good folks of Basingstoke town centre really understood. Hey-ho. Chazza shop of the day was the RSPCA, practically everything for sale in it is animal related. Yay. There was no Father’s day lie-in for the ol’ man as he accompanied me to Brookfield car boot sale this morning where I treated him to a boot sale burger breakfast and tea and the sun did shine. It was quite lovely. I’ve hauled all my loot back to the Wick and plan to shoot ‘n’ list my finds to the site tomorrow, although I’ll be holding back some of the kitchen and craft related items for a special event happening with the Shoreditch Sisters in a few weeks time. I’ll tell you all about that one tomorrow. Off to spend the evening making Elderflower champagne. Anyone tried that before?

7 Responses to Have Rainhood, Will Thrift

  1. Katie says:

    Is that a little grey fawn I can see in front of the cases? He looks lovely!!!

  2. Yeah, he’s a cutie! He’s white with hand painted gold spots and big doe eyes…

  3. Katie says:

    Aaaaw he sounds wonderful.

  4. Wow! What an amazing haul. I think I have a little fawn like that on my designated deer collection shelf

  5. Lilibet says:

    Love the little shot glasses!

  6. Van says:

    You thrifted your heart out and found so many gems! Beauty, I tell ya!

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