Make Me An Offer Monday

Friends! From now on the last Monday of every month in Thrift-ola land will always be that special bargain-tastic 24 hours - Make Me An Offer Monday...

Make me an offer Monday!

Make me an offer Monday!

I like to think of Thrift-ola as a curated flea market which removes the hassle and the stress out of hunting down those special super cute vintage finds. So just like you would at a flea market, once a month in my shop you can have a go at haggling… Oh yeah!

To make it even more easy peasy you can haggle with me in any one of these 5 places…  leave a comment below or e-mail me at or if you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook you’ll have seen the posts and can make me your offers over there.

How it works:
1. Choose your method of communication from the list above and contact me with the product name & the price you’d like to pay.
2. If I accept the offer, I’ll let you know and then change the price of the product to what you’d like to pay for the rest of the day – although you’ll have to quickly snap it up before someone else does.
3. If I don’t accept your offer, I’ll send you a counter offer and the haggle begins.

March’s Make Me An Offer Monday will end at midnight 31st March.

Happy shopping!

4 Responses to Make Me An Offer Monday

  1. Gillian Hume says:

    I would like to make an offer of £4.00 for the set of three flower dessert dishes and an offer of £9.00 for the 1960s sewing box on legs.


  2. Hi there! Yes that sounds good to me… however the sewing box is large and heavy so postage is £9.30 and that’s cost price. If you live in London maybe you could collect? Cheers, Leona

  3. Emily says:

    Hi Leona, I would like to make an offer of £1.50 for the Simpsons glass please.

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