New ways to use vintage glassware…

The shop update this week includes a fun collection of colourful vintage glassware from retro advertising milk bottles to Snoopy slogan glasses and I enjoy finding new ways to use these vintage items around the house...

Colour pop vintage glassware.

Colour pop vintage glassware.

I absolutely love a bit of colourful retro glassware and have fun coming up with new ways to use these vintage items.  I would most certainly use the Snoopy glass mug as a pen pot in my studio and the slogan would tickle me even though I actually enjoy my boyfriend singing in the shower every morning. I would sit a trio of vintage advertising milk bottles on the kitchen shelf and distribute a bunch of wildflowers amongst them. Although the pure orange juice version would be perfect for pouring your fresh orange juice at the breakfast table.

Also new in the shop are a set of flamenco shot glasses and I love how some cafes are using vintage shot glasses as condiment holders for things like chilli flakes and sea salt. The large glass apple shaped serving dish and the smaller apple shaped dessert dishes would also be right at home on a dressing table full of vintage jewellery. Although I’d definitely have to make an apple crumble in it one day!

What do you use your vintage glassware for?

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