Happy Mugday!

I'm an absolute nut for novelty mugs and my kitchen cupboards overfloweth... which means it's time for a destash and you lucky lot can get your paws on some quality kitsch vintage mugs.

Kitsch 'n colourful selection of Thrift-ola mugs.

Kitsch ‘n colourful selection of Thrift-ola mugs.

It has crossed my mind if I continue to collect fun vintage mugs at the rate I’ve been recently then this time next year I could appear on BBC 2’s Collectaholics as I’d rather like to meet Mel and Mark. My current abode, however, is a teeny tiny one bedroom flat in East London with minimal cupboard space so I shall continue to thrift and sell! Today I have added 9 new styles and shuffled them all into their own collection page: Time for Tea. I did have more but they were swiped by some of my cutie pie regulars on Instagram. If you’d like to get your hands on the swag before it hits the online shop then I definitely recommend adding me on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook – I apologise in advance for the all the cat chat.

Mug mafia click here!

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