Bicycle Thrift Delivery Service

It was a beautiful sunny day on Friday so I dusted off my Raleigh Caprice and hit the road...

Friday fun: Cycling round the city after delivering thrift!

Friday fun: Cycling round the city after delivering thrift!

During the last Make Me An Offer Monday one of my lovely regular customers showed some interest in my Waechtersbach heart pattern plates and knowing that they weigh a tonne and would cost a bomb to post I offered to deliver them myself as she too lives in East London. When I woke up on Friday morning, the sun was streaming through our windows so I thought this would be an ace day to hop on my bike, deliver the thrift and get some fresh air in my lungs after a week of working away indoors.

It was great to be away from the laptop for a few hours and I made the most of it by meeting a friend for coffee and pineapple ‘n rum cake in L’Atelier, popped into Thea’s Vintage to swoon over her latest French finds including a jazzy set of floral retro sun loungers and used all my willpower not step a foot inside the Peter Jensen sample sale when I cycled passed it.

So East Londoners put your orders in and on the next sunny day I’ll be happy to cycle ’em over to you!

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