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New ways to use vintage glassware…

Posted on: April 1, 2014

The shop update this week includes a fun collection of colourful vintage glassware from retro advertising milk bottles to Snoopy slogan glasses and I enjoy finding new ways to use these vintage items around the house... Continue reading »

Colour pop vintage glassware.

Colour pop vintage glassware.

I absolutely love a bit of colourful retro glassware and have fun coming up with new ways to use these vintage items.  I would most certainly use the Snoopy glass mug as a pen pot in my studio and the slogan would tickle me even though I actually enjoy my boyfriend singing in the shower every morning. I would sit a trio of vintage advertising milk bottles on the kitchen shelf and distribute a bunch of wildflowers amongst them. Although the pure orange juice version would be perfect for pouring your fresh orange juice at the breakfast table. Continue reading »

New in! Vintage bags

Posted on: March 25, 2014

This week's shop update involves a quartet of delightful vintage bags... Continue reading »

A pretty selection of vintage bags.

A pretty selection of vintage bags.

Spring finally sprung last week and with the changing of the seasons a new handbag is usually on the horizon! I thrifted four delightful pieces for you all last week and here they are…

A super pretty 1970s tooled tan leather satchel with adjustable buckle shoulder strap.
A delightful 1980s candy coloured beach bag for Summer fun and picnic parties.
A charming 1960s knitting bag very skilfully handmade from textured curtain fabric and two of my favourite colours teal and mustard.
A stylish chestnut leather mini briefcase for office meetings and pub lunches alike.

Find them all in the shop here and if today’s rain continues I may well have to add my collection of vintage umbrellas to the shop!

1960s Birthday Cards

Posted on: March 23, 2014

Last week my boyfriend and I took a trip up to the Highlands to visit his family. It wasn't long before we were up in the loft discovering old photos, school books and a wonderful collection of vintage cards... Continue reading »

My boyfriend's Mum's Birthday cards from 1969

My boyfriend’s Mum’s Birthday cards from 1969.

My boyfriend’s Mum is called Lin and she makes really ace stuff from vintage paper ephemera like this Bunty fridge magnet set and Noddy key rack which she sells in her local gift shop. She has also held onto a lot of really amazing keepsakes like all the birthday cards she received on her sweet Sixteenth in 1969 – pictured above. The panda card top right is the first Christmas card Chris (my boyfriend’s Dad and her husband) gave her in 1968. Dreamy! Continue reading »

New In! Vintage finds for summer fun

Posted on: March 19, 2014

As I write the product descriptions for this week's new vintage finds I realise how much I'm hankering over Summer since the first few days of sunshine last week... Continue reading »

A colourful selection of fresh vintage finds!

A colourful selection of fresh vintage finds!

This week’s mini shop update is full of summery candy colours and items you can use when the sun comes out to play… I imagine using the 1970s orange coffee cups for gin and juice on a light summer’s evening. The glass daisy shaped dessert dishes are ripe for ice-cream, fruit and oodles of sprinkles. The crochet blanket and cotton floral tablecloth can be used for picnics and garden parties. The 1950s toy soldiers tin can double as a lunch box and carry your sandwiches or homemade flapjacks to the park.

Yup, Summertime is most certainly on my mind.

Colourful thrift on a dreary day

Posted on: January 16, 2014

The rain has been relentless recently, so today I decided to bring a little sunshine to Thrift-ola and break out some of the stock I was saving for Spring... Continue reading »

All new vintage in the shoppe today!

All new vintage in the shoppe today!

It’s been the sunniest day in a long time in the Thrift-ola photo studio today as I snapped my tutti frutti vintage and most colourful thrifted finds. I also decided to price stuff at super nice January friendly prices which means nearly everything is £5 and the typewriter is only £30 – I normally price them around £45 as they’re difficult to find and so heavy to carry I usually can’t buy anything else on the same trip as I can’t carry anything else! But hey-ho, we’re 3 weeks into a 5 week month and most folk got paid before Christmas so it’s a double shot of sunny vibes on Thrift-ola today. Hooray!



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