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Happy Christmas Jumper Day!

Posted on: December 13, 2013

It's one of our favourite festive days today; Christmas Jumper Day! What are you wearing? Continue reading »

A trio of vintage Kitschmas jumpers.

A trio of vintage Kitschmas jumpers.

It might be Friday the 13th, traditionally unlucky for some, but here at Thrift-ola Towers the festivities have been cranked right up to celebrate Christmas Jumper Day. I’m packing all your orders today wearing my most kitschmas jumper, with festive tunes a-playing and the promise of a mince pie or two once I’ve been to the post office. We have just one vintage kitschmas jumper left in stock which can be snapped up here and if you buy in the next few days you can still get it in time to wear on Christmas day. Hurrah!

Morning Glory

Posted on: November 6, 2013

With less than a week before I'd like to get the Thrift-ola online shoppe back up and running again all this rain is putting a real dampener on my thrifting trips. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, this morning I decided to rave my way into the day instead. Continue reading »

Raving our way into the day with Rob da Bank.

Raving our way into the day with Rob da Bank. Photo credit: Marc Sethi.

I’m no stranger to 5am starts as that’s when my day in the office (read: field/car park) usually begins so when my alarm went off this morning and it was pouring with rain which stops all thrifting play I decided to swap my thermals for my disco pants.

A few months ago a new girl moved into my pal’s studio and she was organising morning raves where you could get massages, smoothies and it was all about conscious clubbing. I’ll be honest, my trashbat bells starting ringing and I thought it sounded like a scene from the Rainbow Rhythms episode of Peep Show. Uh-oh. A few months on and the invite was still on the table so after a few wines on Saturday night I agreed to go if it was raining and I could’t go thrifting. Continue reading »

Get Lucky in Vinyl Heaven

Posted on: October 6, 2013

After acquiring a vintage record player recently I'm about to embark on the magical journey of building my own vinyl collection. A few weeks in and it doesn't look like it's going to be a cheap hobby, that's until I discovered the luckiest shop in Stokey. Continue reading »

Lucky Seven, 127 Stoke Neington Church Street, London

Lucky Seven, 127 Stoke Newington Church Street, London

I don’t often rummage a Saturday afternoon away on Stoke Newington’s increasingly neat and tidy Church St but then this was my first ever day of crate digging! After 20 years of thrifting, I’ve finally lifted the lid on collecting vinyl and the discovery of Get Lucky yesterday was a joy and a pleasure and a real reason why I must get a basket for my Raleigh Caprice so I can carry more home.

This fabuslously old fashioned second hand record store and book shop is like walking into a piece of living breathing pop culture. It’s literally bursting at the seams with every single piece of wall space covered with 7″ singles, rare and novelty LPs, comics ‘n paperbacks and shelving towering up to the ceiling and crate upon crate of music to discover. I can imagine Joey Ramone hanging out the back and searching for Bowie and Beatles records. Continue reading »

Sale Ends Midnight Sunday

Posted on: January 10, 2013

There are still some cute vintage finds to be snapped up in our sale but hurry it ends at midnight this Sunday! Continue reading »

Sale goodies: biscuit barrel, kennel cigarette dispenser, tea set, owl mug.

Sale goodies: biscuit barrel, kennel cigarette dispenser, tea set, owl mug.

It’s been a whirlwind of wrapping, packing ‘n shipping out vintage goodies since I got back from our New Year’s break on Monday. There are still 50 or so amazing vintage bargains to be snagged though so have a sift through and see if there’s something you like. I’ll be completely spring cleaning the online shoppe next week and all current stock will be removed. If you want to pick up a few things I may even do you a deal. You can tweet, facebook or email for some haggling fun!

The BIG Thrift-ola Sale

Posted on: December 28, 2012

Today I've reduced nearly everything in my online shoppe in a crazy post Christmas sale to clear the decks ready for a brand new year! Continue reading »

Sale! Darling 1950s coat with fur stand collar reduced from £65 to £25.

Sale! Darling 1950s coat with fur stand collar reduced from £65 to £25.

I was up at 5am this morning, not to go out hunting, but to begin the task of reducing all the vintage swag! The sale is for everyone who couldn’t make it to my yard sale last week and also to clear space in my teeny tiny stock room for all the exciting new finds I’ll begin to collect on my thrifting trip this weekend. Continue reading »

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