Small Business Talk: Campus London & Google +

Posted on: April 9, 2014

Last month I discovered Campus London an entire building powered by Google dedicated to start-up success. They offer a wide range of talks, events and co-working space and I found the Office Hours one-to-one mentoring sessions were just what I was looking for... Continue reading »

Office Hours at Google Campus.

Always the early birdie which means grabbing a free blueberry muffin. Thanks Google!

Every Friday morning based at a large communal table with coffee and croissants in the lively campus cafe, start-up businesses can meet with a Googler for half an hour of one-to-one mentoring. The sessions are called Office Hours, anyone can attend and they are completely free. Each week there is a specific theme but the mentors are always happy to let the conversation go where it needs to go as I happily discovered. So far I have attended the Google Adwords and Social Media sessions. Continue reading »

Happy Mugday!

Posted on: April 7, 2014

I'm an absolute nut for novelty mugs and my kitchen cupboards overfloweth... which means it's time for a destash and you lucky lot can get your paws on some quality kitsch vintage mugs. Continue reading »

Kitsch 'n colourful selection of Thrift-ola mugs.

Kitsch ‘n colourful selection of Thrift-ola mugs.

It has crossed my mind if I continue to collect fun vintage mugs at the rate I’ve been recently then this time next year I could appear on BBC 2’s Collectaholics as I’d rather like to meet Mel and Mark. My current abode, however, is a teeny tiny one bedroom flat in East London with minimal cupboard space so I shall continue to thrift and sell! Today I have added 9 new styles and shuffled them all into their own collection page: Time for Tea. I did have more but they were swiped by some of my cutie pie regulars on Instagram. If you’d like to get your hands on the swag before it hits the online shop then I definitely recommend adding me on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook – I apologise in advance for the all the cat chat.

Mug mafia click here!

New ways to use vintage glassware…

Posted on: April 1, 2014

The shop update this week includes a fun collection of colourful vintage glassware from retro advertising milk bottles to Snoopy slogan glasses and I enjoy finding new ways to use these vintage items around the house... Continue reading »

Colour pop vintage glassware.

Colour pop vintage glassware.

I absolutely love a bit of colourful retro glassware and have fun coming up with new ways to use these vintage items.  I would most certainly use the Snoopy glass mug as a pen pot in my studio and the slogan would tickle me even though I actually enjoy my boyfriend singing in the shower every morning. I would sit a trio of vintage advertising milk bottles on the kitchen shelf and distribute a bunch of wildflowers amongst them. Although the pure orange juice version would be perfect for pouring your fresh orange juice at the breakfast table. Continue reading »

Make Me An Offer Monday

Posted on: March 30, 2014

Friends! From now on the last Monday of every month in Thrift-ola land will always be that special bargain-tastic 24 hours - Make Me An Offer Monday... Continue reading »

Make me an offer Monday!

Make me an offer Monday!

I like to think of Thrift-ola as a curated flea market which removes the hassle and the stress out of hunting down those special super cute vintage finds. So just like you would at a flea market, once a month in my shop you can have a go at haggling… Oh yeah!

To make it even more easy peasy you can haggle with me in any one of these 5 places…  leave a comment below or e-mail me at or if you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook you’ll have seen the posts and can make me your offers over there.

How it works:
1. Choose your method of communication from the list above and contact me with the product name & the price you’d like to pay.
2. If I accept the offer, I’ll let you know and then change the price of the product to what you’d like to pay for the rest of the day – although you’ll have to quickly snap it up before someone else does.
3. If I don’t accept your offer, I’ll send you a counter offer and the haggle begins.

March’s Make Me An Offer Monday will end at midnight 31st March.

Happy shopping!

Happy Caturday: A vintage postcard from Mablethorpe

Posted on: March 29, 2014

Regular Thrift-ola blog readers will have seen the super set of vintage birthday cards we found in my Boyfriend's Mum's loft last week. Now for another fantastic find... Continue reading »

A kitsch black cat postcard to bring you luck from Mablethorpe.

A kitsch black cat postcard to bring you luck from Mablethorpe.

Hands up who loves going for a dig around in their parent’s loft whenever they visit home? Sadly my parents no longer live in my childhood home and when they split up didn’t keep much at all. Sometimes I think that’s the reason I can easily part with my thrifty finds, I don’t tend to have the attachment gene to objects or stuff, which is a good thing as my shop would always be empty and my flat fit to burst! Continue reading »